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My Pixel Sites

I regularly maintain my site and I am constantly designing, improving and updating my site with new information and new sections when necessary.  I have kept my pages simple so they load quick and easy for your convenience.

If you copy my information and hand it out I would appreciate recognition for it.  If you claim it as your own or sell it without my permission you will pay a price.

May all who enter here find what they seek.  Feel free to return again and again ... and bring a friend. *smiles*

aka AngelBreath / AngelBreath3
AngelBreath's Directory
The Sites:
Greetings and welcome to my little section of the world.  I hope you find the information here either informative or enjoyable ~ if not both.  My interests are so varied that you may find a number of different items to catch your attention. There are over 1,450 web pages currently available.

A little history on my website:
~ I am the Owner of the first and original AngelBreath Web Site [September, 1997] ~ the next two sites came later the Japanese site in 2000 and one in 2003. Many others have been using the name since then.
~ AngelBreath was originally hosted on CanadianWebs and was there for about two years until they shut down (1999).  As Owner I then relocated and consolidated my three existing web sites by transferring all of my information here to Homestead:  (1) Victoria's Wisdom (1982),  (2) Victoria's Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit (1984) which was later known as Sweet Angels Among Us (1990) and (3) AngelBreath (1997).
~ I have the first site for Dolls, Wunderkids & Mini Backgrounds and have been the only one online since January, 2000.  Check out AngelBreath Background Designs for some free backgrounds and AngelBreath Designs for more of my pixel work.

My site is always undergoing some changes and upgrades.  I am still adding to my site just as fast as my little fingers will let me while doing ten other jobs.  You may find some rare pages that don't look proper ... be patient ... I am working on them.  Your patience is appreciated.
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ANGELBREATH is the 'mother' site ~ and as a site herself she contains information "About Victoria" ~ I have written about some of my experiences with the 'weird and wonderful' that has come my way as well as brief profiles for myself [personal and metaphysical].  There are several pages to read but unless something changes I won't be adding much to this.

ANGELBREATH'S 'baby' sites:

Angel's Craft contains many written items that have been sent to me through emails from those who wished to thank me for my help or just to send me loving thoughts ~ where I have remembered who sent them, I have included their names.  This section is designed to uplift the individuals through laughter and/or cleansing tears of understanding and empathy.  It contains a variety of reading materials including: positive affirmations, inspirational writing & poetry, items of interest, humourous stories and jokes on a range of topics ~ with a section geared to women (with writing, quotes and humour for the older woman and many men find this last section funny).  This section is the only one not written entirely by me so if you see something here and know the author, I would be glad to give them recognition for their work ~ drop me a line.

Artistic Corner ~ contains a variety of wood carvings that my husband created.  I have just finished removing my hand drawn pictures & sketches, novelty & designer cakes and my attempts at painting.  I really need to take better pictures but some have turned out nicely.

Pet Photo Album ~ is about dogs and cats I love and some information that people may find helpful on pets. I also intend this section to educate people through written articles because many people do not know very much about their pets except for the fact that they love them.  Also some light humour as well as some fun pictures.  I do have a better name for this section but it means redoing some logos, etc. and I haven't had time yet to do them.

Recipes from the Heart ~ this is a site section that began as an idea ~ and then I stopped.  I was helping a friend run her recipe group on Facebook for a couple of years but she passed away and I was unable to change anything.  Due to this I started my own recipe group on Facebook with the same name (Recipes From The Heart) and moved all my existing recipes from here to it.  It is a low volume group but I do tend to update fairly regularly.  Please join me there.  You can also post some of your own recipes there too if you like.  If you click the link on the left side here it will take you to it.

Special Greetings ~ contains the majority of my poetry in some 'messages of love' amongst other things that I have made up for special occasions and my online friends.  Included are a couple of poems written for lost loved loved ones that I read as part of their eulogies when they passed away.

Victoria's Wisdom ~ provides information on a variety of topics including mental & emotional issues written to help the self-motivated individual; reiki healing for levels 1 & 2; a brief overview of some religions; psychic phenomena & meditations; information about chakras & auras; Bach flower remedies; essential oils and other types of alternative health.  Recommendations for music, reading and some movies are also listed here.


AngelBreath Background Designs ~ contains unique and original backgrounds created by me and since January 2000 I have been the only one online with them. They are hand drawn [pixel by pixel / dot by dot] by me or sketched and then loaded into my computer where I continue to work on them using pixels. I always have some under construction. These are free for your use but please give credit back to me with a link to my site.

AngelBreath Designs ~ contains collectible dawlz, lighthouses, Grandmothers, alien babies, Quincy pups, sig tags and so much more ... I am always pixel painting and I always have some under construction. (I drew the entire background and matching accessories that you see on the page using Microsoft Paint.) This site has a paid member's section.

Collection Corner ~ For you: charms, stamps, etc. that I have made for you to collect.

Collection Corner ~ Mine: charms, stamps, etc. that I have collected that you can view.

Licenses ~ is a page displaying all the licenses I have been given or bought from various sites in order to use their graphics.  Some licenses are displayed on the Membership page.

Memberships ~ contains all the sites that I am proud member of, unfortunately most of them are no longer active.

​Awards ~ is a section where I display all my cherished awards. Pages may be a bit slow loading due to heavy graphics. Due to the fact that the wonderful comments with each award took up a lot of space and were time consuming to add ... I removed all of the individual award giver's comments for each award and piled them together - click on the Comments link to view them on the Awards page.

Disclaimer ~ written information.

Links ~ Due to the fact that so many sites I had links to are no longer on the net, I have combined three pages of remaining links for your convenience. There are links to background sites that I have used or looked at and thought other people might like them. I want to give credit where credit is due and the backgrounds I have used are acknowledged here. There are links to various places of interest such as metaphysical sites, computer help or information, search engines, greeting card sites, etc. I will not update these links any more except to remove the actual links that no longer work.

Resume ~ this is my online resume where you can view samples of my graphics and see some web sites I have built along with some sample ideas. The ideas are endless.  If you are interested in me making a logo for your business or would like me to set up and / or maintain a website for you please drop me a message.​  The entire background and accessories on this page are one of my newest designs ... this time I went for a Japanese theme for something different. The Japanese writing on the upper right means "tranquility" and I made fans on the left to be used for links, added in my own custom made reds and background base and drew the little girl with the floating lantern. On the lantern in black is written "lantern festival" and in red "peace". Lots of fun. *smiles* Oh, and I have added in a new link under the Links section below ... I make websites for people and make my own background designs and sets to go with them so if anyone is interested, give me a shout. My prices are very reasonable.

I am sure I will add in other sections if I find the need... and the ones that already exist will be updated and upgraded each time I am able to do so.  As each little 'child' [i.e. idea] of AngelBreath grows ~ it may become a site all of it's own. :)

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